Presenting the TOP 5 Android Phones

Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The best Android phone to date, the Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, sleek design, fast performance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Epic Touch 4G

Samsung Epic Touch 4G

The slim and speedy Samsung Epic Touch 4G is excellent for gaming, Web browsing and watching video, but the plasticky design feels a bit on the cheap side.

HTC Evo 3D

HTC Evo 3D

Uneven call quality doesn’t stop the Evo 3D from being the best phone currently available on Sprint.

HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound

If you can deal with subpar battery life, the HTC Rezound is an excellent phone that won’t feel outdated anytime soon.

Tmobile MyTouch

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide

The MyTouch 4G Slide has one of the best cameras we’ve ever tested–and the rest of the phone is pretty amazing as well.

Presented above are the top 5 android applications, you can visit PCWorld for full list and reviews. This is for those trying to make a decision on what to buy, enjoy 🙂


British Hackers Take Down Al-Qaeda Websites

Al Qaeda

A group of British hackers today took down al-Qaeda’s communication network and websites, preventing the terrorist organization from posting online messages and videos.

The hacks started a few days ago and they have temporarily crippled al-Qaeda’s Internet influence. These attacks on al-Qaeda are reminiscent of similar attacks the group suffered earlier this month when British intelligence officers replaced the group’s instructions on how to make bombs with cupcake recipes. Who says the British aren’t funny?

Experts expect al-Qaeda to get its websites back under control within the next few days, but also commented that these hackers were obviously well coordinated and used some highly sophisticated techniques in taking the sites down.

This week’s hackers were believed to be government sponsored, which would explain the high-level expertise these white hats showed. The U.K. government allegedly was also behind this month’s cupcake recipe hacks, and it is generally believed that it sponsored those hackers as well, encouraging them to mess with al-Qaeda.

It just goes to show that not all hackers are out to expose security flaws or steal your personal information. It warms my Internet heart to see the hackers stand up against groups like al-Qaeda and be a general thorn in its side. Honestly though, after all the LulzSec and Anonymous hacks lately, I half expected the al-Qaeda websites to be replaced with looping video of NyanCat.

Source: PCWorld

Preparing your Website for IE 9

IE 9


Websites designed to take advantage of the unique features in Internet Explorer 9 provide an immersive user experience that can increase customer loyalty and drive traffic. To obtain these benefits, though, you’ll need to optimize your site to capitalize on IE 9.

The latest flagship browser from Microsoft is more than just an incremental update. It offers unprecedented integration between Windows and the Web, essentially extending the desktop experience to include the Web itself.

As our use of the Web has evolved, more people are embracing cloud-based applications such as Gmail,, and The experience of using sites like these is more like using a traditional desktop application, though the application lives out on the Web. IE 9 can provide a similar type of interactive experience for any Website. To start, any user can get this integration simply by dragging a Website icon to the Windows 7 task bar, just as you might with any software application.

Pinning a site to the task bar makes it more visible and directly accessible for the user. But to give users a reason to want to pin your site to the task bar–and more importantly, to give them the means to interact with your site as if it were an application installed on their local PC–you need to take advantage of Jump Lists, a Windows 7 feature that displays menu options for jumping directly to specific functions, or for accessing frequently or recently used features.


Pinning Facebook to the Windows 7 task bar provides little more than a simple shortcut to the site, but LinkedIn and Windows Live deliver a more integrated experience resembling a locally installed software application like Outlook. Adding Jump List tasks to your site is relatively simple, so why not give your visitors a reason to pin your site to their task bar?

Here’s a code snippet on how to do it

<META name=”msapplication-task”

content=”name=Task 1;action-uri=http://host/Page1.html;icon-uri=http://host/icon1.ico”/>

<META name=”msapplication-task”

content=”name=Task 2;action-uri=;icon-uri=http://host/icon2.ico”/>

Smple Jump List



Your Website can also add Jump List categories that extend its functionality beyond the five Jump List tasks. The Jump List categories allow you to go directly to such destinations as files, documents, or URLs. You can use SiteMode APIs to create a custom Jump List category with links that are unique to each specific user, such as a personal profile page.

The Jump List categories enable your site to deliver dynamic information to users even when they’re not actively engaged on the site. You can use this capability to provide access to user-specific history such as sites visited or files opened, or you can use it for alerts and notifications about activity related to the site–for example, new messages received or upcoming events.

To create a custom Jump List category, you must go through the following stages, as explained in Hilerio’s document:

Category Creation

First call the method for creating a custom category label. The example code shown below creates a custom category named ‘List1’. You have to call this method at least once before using any of the other methods associated with creating custom Jump List category actions. The category label won’t appear until the Jump List category is populated with at least one item.


Item Creation

The example code below illustrates how to create three Jump List category list items named ‘Item1’, ‘Item2’, and ‘Item3’. The name parameter is followed first by a parameter defining the URL that the item will navigate to, and then by a parameter specifying the icon to display for the given item.

window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem(‘Item 1’, ‘http://host/Item1.html&#8217;, ‘http://host/images/item1.ico&#8217;);
window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem(‘Item 2’, ‘http://host/Item2.html&#8217;, ‘http://host/images/item2.ico&#8217;);
window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem(‘Item 3’, ‘Item3.html’, ‘images/item3.ico’);

List Display

The preceding code creates the items for the list, but it does not display them. Use the following sample code to display the in-memory list of items on the actual Jump List:


Clear List

If the Jump List category is populated with site history or recent activities, those actions may expire. You can use the following code to clear the items from the custom Jump List category:


You can also add alerts to the Jump List for your Website.You can use the methods shown here to create and populate a custom Jump List category for your site. You can arrange to display a maximum of 12 items at one time in a custom category. Duplicate items are ignored; items that exceed the maximum or that don’t fit on the display due to resolution or font-size variations are not displayed.

Display Overlay Icons

One of the best features of IE 9 on Windows 7 is its ability to display an overlay icon on the pinned-site taskbar button. Why is the display overlay icon so important? Because a pinned site may be sitting idle, hidden by other sites or applications. The overlay icon gives you a way to display dynamic content or updates of things that are going on behind the scenes that may catch users’ attention and drive them to action.

You could display a small bell indicating an event or appointment, or an envelope icon to let the user know that a new message has arrived. The overlay icon appears in the lower-right corner of the pinned-site task bar button. The overlay icons are not visible if the site is not opened, however, or if the site is not actually pinned to the task bar.

The following code sample adds overlay1.ico on top of the associated task bar button for the pinned site, and includes a hover-over tool tip identifying the overlay icon with the string ‘Overlay 1’:

window.external.msSiteModeSetIconOverlay(‘http://host/images/overlay1.ico&#8217;, ‘Overlay 1’);

To clear the overlay icon, use the following code:


This series of examples is just a drop in the bucket. Check out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers for comprehensive coverage of the unique features of IE 9 and explanations of how to customize your Website to take advantage of them.

Bear in mind, though, that IE 9 is compatible only with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, meaning that your IE 9 customizations will be worthless for two out of three PCs. Keep things in perspective, and don’t go overboard investing time and effort to cater to this one browser.

Because businesses are slow to upgrade, consumers are leading the charge toward adopting Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9. Consequently, these changes will have a direct impact with how the general public interacts with your site.

If your site targets average consumers, you should explore and take advantage of the unique features of IE 9. You don’t have to be an expert programmer, and you don’t have to redesign your entire Website to give your visitors a reason to pin your site to their task bar–and from there to deliver a more immersive, application-like experience.

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PC World

PC World

How Does Watson Know What Watson Knows? (via No Pun Intended)

This is probably one of the most amazing inventions yet, i think IBM has great works going in their labs. This is just amazing and great advancement for the Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence World. Nicely done 🙂

How Does Watson Know What Watson Knows? Watson, the IBM supercomputer designed to play Jeopardy!, made his television debut yesterday, and while the game may not be over, it was a very auspicious start. Watson is currently tied with one of Jeopardy’s most successful champions, Brad Rutter, and is currently leading the most famous contestant ever, Ken Jennings. This is pretty amazing on a lot of levels. Computers have been “smart” for a very long time (dating back to at least whenever w … Read More

via No Pun Intended

Google ex-Chief to get $100,000,000


Eric Schmidt’s role as chief executive officer of Google, Inc. for the last decade will be awarded $100 million worth of stock and options, the Internet company said on Monday.

Schmidt announced last week that he would become Google’s executive chairman after making way for cofounder Larry Page to become the new head of the leading Internet search company beginning in April.


The $100 million payout will be spread out over the next few years.

According to a regulatory filing, Schmidt also owns 9.2 million Google shares, a stake which is roughly equivalent to $5.8 billion, or 9.6 percent of the company’s voting rights. This instance is the first equity compensation for Schmidt since he became part of the company as board chairman in 2001.

Going forward, Schmidt will still have an influential role in the company in terms of continuing relationships in political circles and other external issues says Google.

Schmidt has been accredited with the growing success of Google. However, in an interview with Reuters, he admits that his decision to step down was not due to competitive forces from players such as social network platform Facebook, Inc., but rather an attempt to enhance internal decision-making processes.

Read more from theepochtimes

Wars according to Tech

Virus TB

Virus TB

The Stuxnet computer virus that was found in Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant in September “was nearly as effective as a military strike, but even better since there are no fatalities and no full-blown war,” a top Germancomputer consultant by the name of Langer told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Langer said it will take two years for Iran to get its nuclear program back on track. He also suggested that it would be easier for them to dispose of computers infected with the Stuxnet virus than it would be to try and remove it.

The virus infected the IP addresses of more than 30,000 computer systems, Iran’s state-run media announced on Sept. 26. It may have spread further since then.

Stuxnet is regarded as the first cyber weapon, although experts will argue that there are many like it and Stuxnet is just the first to be known in the mainstream. The creator of the virus is unknown, although Israel is suspected.

Read on here for more information

My Tech Predictions for 2011


As a tech enthusiast, i have watched the tech industry keenly in 2010 and i found some impressive innovations, inventions which range from innovative web experiences from facebook, twitter, youtube, hulu e.t.c to a slew of gadgets released by companies all around the world (worthy of note though is Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android devices, Cloud services), and also to the several law suits filed by top-shot companies against each other over who owns what patent or not (Google Vs Oracle over Java, Apple Vs Android, Microsoft Vs Motorola, Paul Allen Vs Facebook, Google).
Amidst all that though 2010 was a great year that brought to mankind what it thought to be the far-fetched future, example is the giant leap towards the creation of a flying car, the power pack that will enable a human being to soar into the skies (any kids fantasy) .

Ok enough said about 2010, this post is actually about my tech predictions for 2011, which i have divided into different sections for easier readability.

N.B. This is not an exhaustive list, just some of the major shots I think is worthy of note.

Web Experience (including social networking, email services)



Facebook the social networking giant brought about ground breaking advancement in the way we communicate with family and friends through social media in 2010 by adding a slew of applications/add-ons, also improving the usage experience both for PC and mobile phone user’s. Facebook’s user base increased incredibly from about 350 million in January 2010 to over 500 million at the end of the year.

My Prediction: Facebook’s user base growth might increase in 2011, but its usage which is already on the decline will most likely continue. However, if facebook creates a totally new experience then it might just see it through the year, and save it from an inevitable death (eventually!!).



Twitter also an arguably rising giant social networking platform enjoyed an explosive growth in its user base, but not much  was recorded in terms of user experience, this in part is due to its philosophy of simplicity (based on 140 characters).

My Prediction: Twitter will definately experience a spike in its user base from all around the world, which will be due in part to its usage by businesses in resolving customer issues, which is now becoming common place. And of course its popularity nugget machine in news, sports, tech, music, movies and so on, will also be worthy of note.





Youtube has created a niche for itself that makes it hard for any competitor to rear its head, with it’s impressive database of over 50 million videos and counting. Its integration with social networking elements also adds to the rich experience you get from this great website, plus the new HD has also joined the fray of what makes this tool so sleek.

My prediction: It is a known fact that pictures speak louder than words, based on this singular fact that Youtube will remain relevant and will still be with us for some time. However this year we expect that we should be able to stream videos live from the camera on our mobile phones through youtube and share with the world LIVE!!

Latest Technology (What’s not so New, but New)

Cloud Computing

The Cloud

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept which is already becoming common-place (at least for the techy guys), but it is still an evolving technology which is still very abstract to the non-techy guys. The concecpt of cloud computing has various uses, i’ll mention 2 here:
1. File storage: It allows for ubiquity, in the sense that once you put your files in the cloud you can retrieve them anywhere, anytime without the barrier of carrying around a storage device (which can get missen, or forgotten), all you need is an internet connection, so next time you have a presentation consider putting your files in the cloud.
2. Website Hosting: The cloud is great for website hosting, because unlike the convetional way of buying a large monstrous server that is usually under-utilized, in cloud you pay for only what you use (Storage space and Computing cycle), also has your traffic grows you can increase your storage space and bandwidth accordingly, which makes it good for business right?

My Prediction: Cloud computing is becoming useful to more human beings (i.e. reduced learning curve), therefore there will be a massive migration (which had already begun) from the classic file storage/website hosting into the cloud. Also this year will mark the beginning of direct file printing from the cloud, which will allow you to print from any printer that is connected to the internet (N.B Google is getting close to getting this done).


Mobile Hologram Devices: I think there will be a major step towards the development of the much awaited gadget (a geeks fantasy). which is a mobile device that will project text, images and videos into the air without a screen: watch this presentation by IBM for a demonstration


USB 3.0

USB 3.0

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 will deliver a tenfold improvement in data transfer rates while retaining backward compatibility with previous versions and adding new features that will make this communication standard all the more essential to the average consumer.  Some of the features are 5Gbit/s transfer rate as opposed to 12Mbit/s in USB 2.0, 9 connector wires as opposed to 4 in USB 2.0, cool isn’t it, you don’t have to sleep off anymore when transferring your videos, music and so on!!

My Prediction: Definately wide spread use of USB 3.0 …………. What do you expect, this is awesome stuff!!

Okay there you have it my predictions for 2011, like i said this is not an exhaustive list, so there are some things that I didn’t talk about. So what are your tech predictions for 2011? Leave a comment in the box below and share it with the world 🙂