Website Creation Made Easy!!!

The Q-Office

A good-value-for-your-money, and cheap website builder called The Q-Office was launched recently by a startup company in Nigeria that goes by the name Ephase (for short), according to the creators of the website it will help small businesses have a good representation of themselves and what they do online, thereby creating a good marketing campaign. And moreover, the websites that you create using this platform come with a couple of impressive features that are rare or non-existent on the web (I think!!), here are some of them they claimed to have:

— Free Mobile website apart from the main website

— 5 free email accounts (e.g.,

— Galleries (News Gallery, Picture Gallery, Project Gallery)

— Social Network Integration (facebook, twitter)

Pheww!! it’s a long list, you can view more here yourself.

Another thing that amazed me was also the simplicity, i mean any dummy can use this (i think!!), see y’all later.


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