OMG!! Facebook Phone

Face Fone

The great thing about writing about products that don’t yet exist is that you can say virtually anything about them and not be proven wrong. So it is with the “Facebook phone,”rumors about which have been swirling across the InterWebs this past weekend.

If TechCrunch is to be believed, Facebook is working on a smart phone of its ownFacebook denies this, of course. And you have to admit the idea does not make a whole lot of sense for consumers. A Facebook app is available for every smart phone OS already. What could a Facebook phone possibly add to that?

ably wouldn’t mind taking a slice out of your monthly phone bill, with the rest going to whatever telecom(s) it partners with to actually deliver the service. It surely wouldn’t mind having a native platform where it can deliver mobile ads and collect all of the revenue, instead of having to share it with Google, iAds, etc.

And it would explain why Facebook jumped with both feet into the geo-location biz with Facebook Places. Why ask users to load your app and manually check into a place when your phone’s GPS can do it for you automatically?

But from a privacy point of view, a Facebook phone could be a nightmare waiting to happen. Because if the ‘face fone’ is real, Facebook would automatically become the most privacy unfriendly player in the smart phone space.

Facebook phone i hope this isn’t true, in my books this is not going to fly, for a lot of reasons. What is the new thing they are going to add to what i can do already on my smartphone? i will probably have to wait to witness that maybe………….Just saying, it’d better be a rumor.


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