What a Dead List!!

I am sure you have heard of the man who saw tomorrow, this hilarious list was compiled by some people who are seeing the past, enjoy!!

Wired Editor in Chief Chris Anderson is catching flack for the magazine’s current cover story, which declares that the Web is dead. I’m not sure what the controversy is. For years, once-vibrant technologies, products, and companies have been dropping like teenagers in a Freddy Krueger movie. Thank heavens that tech journalists have done such a good job of documenting the carnage as it happened. Without their diligent reporting, we might not be aware that the industry is pretty much an unrelenting bloodbath.

After the jump, a moving recap of some of the stuff that predeceased the Web–you may want to bring a handkerchief.

Internet Explorer, as you’ll recall, died in 2004.

Internet explorer

After a long illness, Print was declared dead in April.

Good old e-mailing

By 2007, Microsoft Office had bit the big one.


The iPod definitely died last year.

Ipod finally laid to rest

We also mourned the loss of RSS.

Who uses this thing?

And there were horrible rumors that Twitter had been…murdered.

Twitter dead or alive!!

The netbook croaked in April.

Ipad murdered them all!!

Linux absolutely, positively died in 2006.

Linux laid in state

The desktop may or may not have died last year, but boy, it didn’t look good.

Browsers---"The new Desktops in town"

Pheww!! In conclusion all i’d say is that:

>> Technology comes and technology goes.

>> The gap between old releases and new ones is growing thin per second.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, adopted by many as a basic necessity of living……….We can never have enough of them…….Get ready for more!!

Read more here: http://technologizer.com/2010/08/18/the-tragic-death-of-practically-everything/



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