Google has now acquired 18 companies in 2010, many of which are potential components of its rumored social networking site, Google Me. Before buying Jambool for a reported $70 million, Google snatched Slide for between $180 million and $230 million. Slide is a media company that develops games, widgets, and applications designed specifically to be used in social media, and are responsible for Facebook apps such as SuperPoke. Google also invested between $100 million and $200 million in Zynga, the company responsible for FarmVille and Mafia Wars, among others.

No matter what Google is or is not saying, it’s readily apparent the company is preparing to battle Facebook on its own territory. Let’s hope Google Me isn’t another social networking failure for the company; Google recently shut down Google Wave, a collaborative Web site, and experienced embarrassing privacy flubs with Google Buzz.

Read more here: PCWorld

Who knows what next Google will acquire all in the bid to stay on top of the Web Society…………In my books Google has to come up with something so radically different, to beat Facebook at it’s game, just the way Facebook did to Hi 5…………but let’s see how it goes, you never can tell who the next big thing is in technology (Things sometimes take overnight turns). In your own opinion, Do you think Google has a chance against Facebook? Leave a comment..



2 responses to “Google “THE ACQUIRER”

    • I don’t blame them……………i think it comes with the number 1 position……….When we get to their level and beyond, then we can properly judge, if we’ll not do the same

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