Robots I’ll like to have or maybe not

NEC Papero

PaPeRo (short for “Partner-type Personal Robot”) is an adorable personal-companion robot, created by the Japanese technology company NEC. PaPeRo was designed as a more natural way for people to interact with the Internet–it can recognize and speak over 3000 words, notify its owner of incoming messages, give updated information, recognize faces, send video messages, dance, play games, and remotely control other electronic devices.

PaPeRo features two cameras for eyes, four microphones for ears, an ultrasound device in its chest for detecting objects, and three wheels for mobility. PaPeRo also learns from its environment, and has a number of different “personalities” that come out depending on how people treat it. For example, if people ignore it and don’t interact with it, PaPeRo will become lazy and listless–but if people talk to it and answer its questions, it will be helpful and serious about doing its job. PaPeRo is currently in prototype mode and is not available for sale.

Now this is something i’ll like to have, to tell me about incoming messages, and control other electronic devices, are you kidding!! I like

Want a puppy without causing a mess?
The Sony AIBO (Artificial Intelligence roBOt) is a dog robot with the ability to learn from its environment. AIBO looks like a shiny space-dog and comes in a variety of colors–including black, silver, gold, red, blue, green, and white. AIBO is not only a virtual pet but also an inexpensive AI-research platform for amateur and professional computer programmers; Sony even released a programmer’s kit (for noncommercial use), which includes a set of free tools for users to reprogram their virtual puppies. First released in 1999, AIBO was retired in 2006. Might be continued in 2013
I’m not a fan of pets though, but i might consider getting one of these, no cleaning up of dog poop nice!!, No Barking cool!!, no unnecessary licking on the face, super cool!!


Tiro is a yellow humanoid robot with an LED face, created by a number of companies, including Hanool Robotics of South Korea, and four science universities. Tiro is an intelligent service robot with several careers under its belt–including teacher and wedding MC.

Tiro served as a guest instructor for a 30-minute English class at Euon Primary School in Daejeon, South Korea. It asked questions in English, such as “How many giraffes are there on the board?” Tiro also acted as the officiant and master of ceremonies at Hanool Robotics engineer Seok Gyeong-jae’s wedding; a number of other robots worked the event, too, as ushers and assistants. Tiro is priced at 200 million won, or $176,400.

How would you like a robot to be the MC on your wedding day, if you are like me that is a BIG NO in my books, What!! a robot to be the MC on my great day Ko jor!!. I’ll let you be the judge, if you want a robot, well good luck!! Plus it’s too expensive, i’ll rather use the money for my honeymoon, or buy land in lekki or something. Drop a comment let me know what you think

SEGA Robot

Sega Toys’ E.M.A. Robot (for Eternal Maiden Actualization, but pronounced “Emma”) is flirtatious and interactive, and features a “love” mode–if you put your head close to the robot, it will “kiss” you. That’s right, E.M.A. is a little minx.

The 15-inch-tall, battery-powered robot has unique leg joints that make its hips sway when it walks. The robot can sing, dance, and greet you, as well as hand out business cards. It also has infrared sensors to ensure that it doesn’t run into anything as it dances and sways about. E.M.A. is designed for adults, and costs about $175.

This is cool alright, but the kissing part, No way!! But, it’s nice for fun sake

That is all for now, more to come later, thanks for reading through. I”ll like you to drop your comments




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