iPhone 4 Vs. Android: The Race Continues

Why Apple’s iPhone defense is total nonsense

iPhone 4

It would have been too much for Steve Jobs just to say “I’m sorry.”
Deep down, we all knew that would never happen. In the world of Steve Jobs, after all, everything is “beautiful,” “magical,” and “revolutionary.” “Flawed” doesn’t exactly fit into that flowery-adjective-filled utopia.So when Jobs took the stage at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters on Friday, it was no surprise he came across as smug and defiant. Jobs, maintaining the position he’d taken from the start, insisted that his iPhone 4 was not performing below par. Despite the fact that the device, thanks to its unique wrap-around external antenna, has a tendency to drop calls when held with your left hand — as confirmed by Consumer Reports — Jobs said there was no real problem.

iPhone 4 having little effect on Android so far

Apple Vs Android

Grab your ringside seats, friends: America’s mobile phone battle is taking an interesting turn.

Today, we’re getting our first glimpse at data showing what effect Apple’s new iPhone 4 has had on the overall smartphone market. The answer: not much.
read more here http://blogs.computerworld.com/16530/iphone_4_android

Android Gains, Apple Wanes — Oh Yes, Yet Again

Apple Vs. Android

Don’t look now, Apple fanatics, but Android’s just made another noteworthy leap in mobile market share.

Google’s Android platform grew by 44 percent from February to May, according to a report released Thursday by ComScore. During the three-month period from December to February, Android commanded an average of 9 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. In the next three-month period, from March to May, it had shot up to an average of 13.

Now, it goes without saying that 13 percent is still a relatively small piece of the pie. But the overall trends are what we’re watching here — and, gauging by a wide range of data from numerous sources, Android is showing consistent growth at a pace its competitors can’t match.

iPhone 4 vs. Android: And the Winner is…

Apple unveiled its latest magical and revolutionary product this week: the new iPhone 4, also known as “the phone that guy from Gizmodo showed us seven weeks ago.”

From a hardware perspective, the new iPhone is a significant improvement over Apple’s last offering. And on the software side, the updated operating system brings about numerous capabilities previously unavailable to iPhone users.

The problem, though, is that most of the iPhone’s new features feel like incremental upgrades, not game-changing innovations. Put simply, the new iPhone is a step forward within Apple’s world — but outside of that walled garden, it’s still worlds behind.

More updates to come later



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