Check Out all the latest Apple’s iPad wannabes

Android Tablet

The Android tablets are coming! Actually, some are already here, but a wider selection of Apple iPad-like slates will have arrived by early next year. So what can we expect? The range of business-friendly tablets, many with powerful video and communications tools, will surprise you.

Blackberry's BlackPad

Despite growing competition from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms, Research In Motion (RIM) reigns supreme in the U.S. smartphone market. Its market share tops 40 percent, and it’s shipped more than 100 million BlackBerry devices. RIM’s new BlackBerry 6 operating system and rumored Bold 9800 handset will likely debut on Tuesday at a media even in New York City. And the company’s a major player internationally too.

RIM’s lacking in the tablet department, however. Apple’s iPad is a proven hit, and a varied assortment of Google Android-based slates will arrive before the end of the year. But RIM may be gearing up to launch its own tablet in November. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the device will be called the “BlackPad,” feature iPad-like dimensions (including a 9.7-inch screen), and sport Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The competition is really becoming high and hotter in the tablet PC market and Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has to watch is back on this. The race for a market share is getting tougher, with iPad of course the most dominant at the moment, but for me I think the eventual winner will be determined by the experience that each device delivers to the consumers and not necessarily the pricing. So let me know what you think, and what you think the trend will be like…………..leave a comment

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3 responses to “Check Out all the latest Apple’s iPad wannabes

  1. It’s just a pity new devices keep being released and we can’t buy them all. I’ve stopped using my IPod, my digital camera and I’m not sure I need a tablet (I have a blackberry and a laptop). How do these companies sell those devices that don’t necessarily perform and new functions than their predecessors?

    If it’s only mobility of functionality, I guess I’d stick to my blackberry!

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